Ostuni is a hilltop town that’s just minutes from the Adriatic Sea.

Often referred to as the “White City,” it’s fun to just wander, getting lost within its web of streets and maze of alleyways, staircases and arches.


Manarola is famous for its bright and colorful homes that are carved right into an impenetrable wall of stone along the Mediterranean coast.


Menaggio is a popular Lake Como destination, set along the northern Italy. It’s an ideal destination for active explorers who want to enjoy the country’s natural beauty.


This small town sits perched high above the Piave River on a narrow spit of land as the southern gateway to the stunning Dolomite Mountain Range.


The fairytale Village of Alberobello, with its unique trulli structures, feels more like a town from a Disney film than modern day Italy.

The conical, white limestone cottages are spread throughout the village and became popular in the 15th-century for residents who hoped to avoid taxes


Pietrapertosa is one of Italy’s most dramatic towns, carved into the mountainside. It is especially picturesque with its many ancient ruins and Saracen castle.


Cefalu sits on a rocky headland about an hour from Palermo in Sicily.

So picture-perfect, its been the setting for many movies, boasting everything from gorgeous sunsets and sandy beaches to a fine Norman cathedral and lots of sunshine.


While there are few places along the Amalfi Coast that couldn’t be considered romantic, Positano, framed by brilliant blue waters and cliffs that plunge into the sea, is hard to beat when it comes to beauty and romance.

In fact, it was featured in films like “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

La Maddalena, Sardinia

La Maddalena has had a rather violent history, fighting to defend itself in 1793 against the French army and its commander, Napoleon, and during World War II, dictator Benito Mussolini was held prisoner here.