Ricotta Stregata

Ever heard of your cheese being turned into the icy, creamy, goodness? Yep, you guessed right! Literally translated to “bewitched ricotta”,

The gelato is softer than normal gelato, featuring fresh ricotta cheese, crunchy hazelnuts, citrusy lemon and orange peel, and a dash of Strega liqueur.


Don’t let its unassuming colour fool you; the liquorice flavour is one of the most well-liked. Perhaps by itself it’s something of an acquired taste,

but when made into gelato, the unique and herbal taste of liquorice is slightly muted, adding an interesting minty edge to the creamy and tasty dessert.


The Italian version of chocolate chip ice-cream is much lighter on the palate. And instead of chips that are mixed into the gelato, the chocolate is drizzled all over the freshly-made gelato—just as how one would drizzle maple syrup over pancakes…

Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa—Soup. Inglese—English. Put them together and you get English Soup. Said to be inspired by the English trifle back in the 16th century,

Zuppa Inglese has a rich, custard-flavoured base with bits of sponge cake or cookies, topped off with a sweet, scarlet liqueur such as sherry or Alchermes.


Another one of those inspired by other desserts, Zabaione may also known as zabaglione. The gelato takes its name from the dessert it drew inspiration from.

Like Zuppa Inglese, it also has an eggy and custardy flavour, since both flavours feature egg yolks in the list of ingredients.

Spagnola / Amarena

The gelato itself is a subtle sweet creamy flavour and wouldn’t be on this list, if not for the supporting actors—the sour cherry sauce and the cherries.

Cioccolato Con Peperoncino

Don’t we all like a bit of spice in our food? Let me present to you Cioccolato Con Peperoncino gelato—hot pepper-infused dark chocolate gelato.


Made from pureed fresh figs, the flavour is so intense, yet refreshingly crunchy from the fig seeds that even if you aren’t a lover of fruit-based ices, this one will convert you straightaway.


It’s more like the gelato version of rice pudding. And, yes, granted, the rice used is probably not the long grain kind that we’re used to, but hey, rice is rice, whether it’s short or long, fat or thin, right?


Cinnamon, once used to enhance flavours or add spice, now becomes the solo act in its very own gelato. Fresh cinnamon powder is used, bringing out its full-bodied sweet, warm flavour to the forefront.