Bay of Silence, Liguria

Bay of Silence is one of two peaceful bays in Sestri Levante, a fishing village near La Spezia and Genoa in the coastal northwestern region of Liguria.

Cala degli Infreschi, Marina di Camerota, Campania

This natural inlet lies in the Cilento of Campania, a place with ancient monasteries, archeological sites and coastal villages. The beaches are just as intriguing.

Cala Rossa, Isola di Favignana, Sicily

Favignana is the largest of the three so-called Aegadian Islands on Sicily’s western coast. Arrive by hydrofoil boat from Trapani, and follow the signs to the beach.

Spiaggia di Is Arutas, Sardinia

Snorkelers flock to this beach on of Sardinia. It combines crystalline water, which can shift between vivid shades of blue and green, with remarkable quartz sand.

Torre Guaceto, Puglia

Head to this protected nature preserve in Puglia for beaches that feel more wild and natural and less like organized holiday spots.

Vasto, Abruzzo

Vasto, a hilltop town on the southern coast of Abruzzo, overlooks the Adriatic Sea and a long sandy beach. It’s just a quick stroll downhill from the medieval town center to the sand, where you’ll find a row of restaurants and hotels.