On her birthday, Nonna Nina was cured of the virus. She turned 102, and on that same day, her great-grandson, two-year-old Leonardo, also recovered.

The good news comes from Nicolin di Saint-Christophe, a village in the outskirts of Aosta, the region’s capital. From Italy’s smallest region comes an uplifting story.
They were the last two members of a large family to still be infected with the virus. 11 out of 14 family members fell ill to COVID-19; one of them died. Little Leonardo had a high fever for five days but has recovered.
Nonna Nina had a cough and fever and has always stayed at home. “The war was worse. I suffered more. But I’m happy that this has passed.” For her, the greatest joy is to be able to eat all together with the family again, at the same table.

Originally from Bergamo, Nina arrived in Valle d’Aosta in 1946. She worked for the post office, delivering mail door to door on her bicycle. She has six children, eight grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren, including Leonardo.