According to Italian newspaper La Nazione, 3 20-year-olds bought some pasta and took it back to their apartment in Florence, with hope for an authentic Italian dinner.

But instead of boiling several quarts of water before adding the pasta—you know, step one on every set of back-of-the-box instructions ever—they emptied the dry noodles directly into the pot. (Sigh…)
Because spaghetti isn’t meant to be seared, it caught on fire immediately.
And because people who don’t understand how to fix pasta also don’t know what to do with stovetop flames, the students had to call the fire department.
Unsurprisingly, Italians have responded to the incident with a combination of embarrassment for the students and smug superiority.
“Return to USA to eat hamburgers & chips from [McDonald’s],” one commenter wrote.
“[F]rom one of those three could come the next US Secretary of State…or the next president!” another warned. (Oh Italy, do you really want to compare elected officials?)