The flood of the Adige river in Verona caused concern due to the heavy rains of the past few hours. The images in the sliding gallery at the top and the videos at the bottom of the article are frightening, coming from the city of Verona, still beset by bad weather after the extreme phenomena of recent days.

As a precaution, the Civil Protection and Civil Engineering of Verona have decided to install bulkheads in the Customs area, in the historic center, the lowest point in the passage of the river into the city.

Already yesterday, Sunday 30 August, hundreds of trunks of trees felled by the strong wind of these days were carried by the fury of the river.

However, the flood of tonight has passed and worries have subsided after a few moments where the worst was feared. At 6 o’clock this morning, the river bank was still over 4 meters and therefore the alarm went off.

The A22 Brenner motorway was reopened this morning to traffic in the stretch from Bolzano Sud to San Michele all’Adige. Yesterday afternoon, it was closed as a precaution due to the flood of the Adige river in Bassa Atesina caused by heavy rains.