The 525 official COVID-19 fatalities reported by Italy’s civil protection service on Sunday were the lowest since the 427 registered on March 19.

Italy recorded its highest daily death toll of 969 on March 27th. “This is good news but we should not let our guard down,” civil protection service chief told reporters.
The total number of people hospitalised across Italy also fell by 61 for the first time (from 29,010 to 28,949). This comes accompanied by another positive figure: it’s the 2nd day-to-day decreases in the number of intensive care units.
The number of new confirmed cases in Italy did go up by 2,972, which represents a 3.3% raise, but this is still half the number of new cases reported on March 20th.

Italy’s civil protection agency added that 21,815 people had so far recovered from the coronavirus in the country.