Italian remote Town offers 2,000€ to Move & Live there

This is how mayor Daniele Galliano is trying to bolster the population of his village!

Italy plans to limit Tourists in Cinque Terre

Access to beautiful and rugged coastal area will be closed this summer once the visitors reaches 1.5 million in order to preserve the local culture!

Top 5 Best Movies Filmed in Rome

Rome is an open-air movie location: discover the most famous movies filmed in Rome to relive some of the moments that made the history of cinema!

Top 8 Strange Things only Italian people Do

We all have different reactions. They depend on the temperament, character and cultural background. Let us see ten strange things only Italians do!

Italy to Ban Large Cruise Ships from Venice

Italian officials have agreed to stop the big Cruise Ships from Venice following protests from locals, environmentalists and Hollywood actors.

The 8 Smallest Countries in Europe (And What to Do When You’re There)

From Vatican artistic masterpieces to the pristine beauty of Faroe Islands, Europe's smallest countries have a wealth of experiences to offer the traveler…

The Food Map of Italy – Top 10 Cities

If you would like to explore a country, try to taste its cuisine. In that way you would have the chance to know more about its people and culture!

Weather Warning alert – heavy Storms, Rainfalls and Floods strikes Sardinia Island in Italy

Sardinia is on extreme weather alert after storms dumped a quarter of the Italian island's average annual rainfall in the space of just two days.

The Map of Italy’s famous Pasta Dishes

The map includes photos of each dish, making for simple with the menu and ensuring there are no surprises once your dinner is delivered.

Welcome to Italy

How friendly is Italy to foreigners?

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The Italian Prosecco Van

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