Siena Cathedral in Italy unveils beautiful Mosaic floors

"The most beautiful, largest and most magnificent floor that ever was made".

Happy Easter to you ITALY, (VIDEO) 🐰 Together with you, we will be reborn

Italy's health ministry has released a touching video, wishing everybody in Italy a happy Easter, with an important message at this difficult time.


O Holy Child Jesus, who shed Your blessings on whoever invokes Your name, look kindly on us who kneel humbly before Your holy Image and hear our prayers.

Italy Celebrates World Nutella Day – 5th February

Nutella has its own special day each year on 5 February.

Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor Oscar for Joker

Who’s laughing now? Joaquin Phoenix has won Best Actor at the Oscars for Joker.

Italy’s Frecce Tricolori Jets will Fly over Italian Cities this week

Italy's Frecce Tricolori jets go on a nationwide tour!

Hilarious Newborn Bady Girl goes Viral (+photos)

A little girl named Luna has won the collective heart of the internet. Why? Not because she’s cooing adorably.

Italian Policeman Adopts Puppy Abandoned Under Hot Sun

A police officer in Rome, Italy recently adopted a dog that he found tied to a post baking in the scorching heat.

Three old Women move Together as they Don’t Want to Isolate alone during Coronavirus...

Three lifelong mates from the north of England, Doreen, Dotty, and Carol, think it would be more fun if they quarantined themselves together!

The canals of Venice look very different without Tourists

With Italy's streets left deserted by locals and tourists alike, animals are slowly stepping back in..

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