Study Finds People Who Swear are More Honest

For those who are frequently told off for littering their vocabulary with swear words, perhaps a new defense might work: “I was just being honest.”.

Italy wants to ‘Take Back’ the Mona Lisa from France

The Mona Lisa, the world's most famous painting, should be brought back home to Italy from France, Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said.

Family of Bears visit Abruzzo village in Italy

Amarena the bear and her cubs pay a visit to S. Sebastiano dei Marsi.

Giant Cruise Ships won’t Stop in Venice this Summer

Neither MSC Cruises nor Costa Crociere plans to sail their giant liners to Venice as they resume operations this summer after a six-month shutdown.

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How to Buy a house in Italy for Just 1€

A historic hilltop town in Sicily, Italy, has put 20 empty properties on the market for just one euro each in a bid to attract new investment to the area!

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