Italy launches new High Speed Train route (north to south)

Italian train companies Trenitalia and Italo are to offer direct high-speed services between Turin and Reggio Calabria from June.

A Beautiful Trip from Venice to Amalfi Coast

Discover la bella Italia on this intoxicating Italy Uncovered tour. Travel from Venice to Assisi, Rome to Naples and Pompeii to the stunning Amalfi Coast.

When will a Mediterranean Tsunami hit Italy?

Lurking beneath the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the Italian mainland, lies a submarine volcano, which is showing telltale signs of being unstable.

Ricotta Doughnuts with Lemon Cream Dipping Sauce

These warm, scrumptious morsels are proof that Italian doughnuts are the best.

Cicerchiata – (Italian Honey Dough Balls)

Fried dough pellets glued together with honey to form a wreath. That, in essence, is la Cicerchiata, a traditional holiday dessert from Italyโ€™s Abruzzo region.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Islands in Italy

Italian islands are said to hold a unique character. Topped with local cuisines & beautiful beaches, they have something special to offer, individually!

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