Italy braces for the Hottest Days of the Year

After a brief respite, temperatures across Italy are set to creep up again this week, eclipsing 42 degrees Celsius in Sardinia Island.

Sweet Job: Italy is looking for 60 Nutella tasters

Is this the best job in Italy?

Europe Weather sparks Warnings to over 48°C heatwaves

THE heatwave cooking Spai and Portugal could spread into the rest of countries of Europe, sparking wildfires, thunderstorms and even droughts.

Top 7 Amazing Museums in Italy

Italy is a country will full of history and has a wealth of wonderful museums, but here are some suggestions for the top museums to visit in Italy.

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The Highest heatwave Temperatures in Europe (map)

The highest officially recorded temperature in the world is 56.7 °C (134.1 °F), which occurred on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek, California, USA.

Heat-wave in Rome, expected 42°C (108F)

Italian health ministry places Rome at highest heat risk level.

Extreme heatwave hits Italy with 12 Cities on ‘red alert’

Italy is currently in the grip of the first extended heatwave of summer, with the government placing 12 cities on 'red alert' for heat-related health risks.

Record Heatwave in Europe, expected 49°C (119F)

Forecasters predict temperatures of up to 48C later this week, which would be the hottest temperature ever recorded in mainland Europe.

Earthquake rescue Hero Dog found poisoned

Italian politicians have promised tougher punishments for those who harm animals after the death of Kaos, a rescue dog hailed as a hero.