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The best and most beautiful fairytale towns in Europe, from Austria to Spain, are quick to charm with their storybook streets and winding canals.

Mortadella – Our favorite Italian Snack

A delicious product of Bologna, Italy!

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The first Snow has fallen in Italy

Snowfall started over western and northwestern Alps on Sunday evening at about 2500 meters, dropping to below 2000 meters by Monday morning.

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The tiny Italian town of Candela was bustling in the 1990s. The cute area may have only had around 8,000 people living there, but there was still a lot going on.

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Italy is the healthiest country in the world, says the study published by Bloomberg concerning 163 countries compared on the basis of certain criterias!

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Snow does not fall often in Venice but when it does, it doesn't stay on the ground for long. But even in the Winter Venice is a magical place to visit!