Weather Alert: Two (2) new Storms moving towards Italy (MAPS & DETAILS)

From the West there are two new storms moving towards Italy that in the next hours will reach the north and the south regions of the country...

Portofino beautiful Square (Italy) souresly damaged of the rain floods, Preservation and Repair Works...

Portofino's central piazzetta, the heart of the iconic elite Ligurian seaside resort in Italy, collapsed due to extreme weather and rain floods.

Rome City (Italy) on Security Alert for Christmas

Police chiefs are meeting on 26 November to discuss security measures during Christmas holidays in Rome following a terror warning received by interior ministry.

Summer Heatwave to hit Italy on Monday

A St Martin's Summer will hit Italy on Monday with unusually balmy weather and temperatures above 27 degrees, especially in the centre and south.

Venice Is Flooding Because of Climate Change, but Corruption is Keeping it Under Water

After two days of heavy rain, Venice, can hopefully begin to recover...

Deadly Storms in Italy – Death toll rises to 29

Floods have killed 12 people on the southern island of Sicily, nine of them ... services said on Sunday, taking the week's toll across Italy past 29.

Italy Strom Destroys 600 years-old Forests with 14 million pine Trees

Winds up to 200 km/h brought the ‘apocalypse’ to the Dolomites with 12 people killed (many by falling trees) and 50,000 hectares of forests destryed.

Rome (Italy) rocked by 3.9 magnitude Earthquake

The epicentre was near Rome at the province of Rieti...

Venice Flooding damages 1,000 year old Marble Mosaic floor at St Mark’s Basilica (Video+photos)

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice flooded with nearly three feet of water last week, damaging part of the 1,000 year old marble mosaic floor inside.

Italy Floods kill 31 people and Destroys 14 million Trees

Heavy rain and gales lashing parts of Italy have killed at least 31 people and razed thousands of hectares of forest, destroying 14 million trees.