Venice Floods cause €100,000 damages in World’s Oldest Caffe

Venice floods cause €100,000 damage to Caffè Florian in Piazza S. Marco.

Bad Weather in Italy – Storms and Floods in Rome, Venice & Tuscany

Tuscany, Rome and Venice are on extreme weather alert after storms dumped a quarter of the Italy's average annual rainfall in the area of just two days.

Strong Tornado causes Damages near Grosseto, Italy

A strong tornado hit the town of Polverosa di Orbetello (Grosseto), Italy.

Florence on Alert as River Arno rises to highest levels in 20 years

Flooding situation critical across Tuscany.

Venice Floods: World most beautiful Bookshop is Underwater

Acqua Alta Bookshop loses hundreds of books to floods.

Bad Weather in Rome – Storms & Floods turned Streets into Rivers

Thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind are bringing the city of Rome to its knees, where hundreds of fire brigade operations have taken place on Sunday.

78% of Venice is still UnderWater (flooded) – 17/11/2019

The acqua alta in Venice came worryingly close last night to reach levels last seen during the great flood of 1966, and waters are reportedly rising again.

Bad Weather in Florence – Rivers Flooded and Roads closed

The Civil Protection Hall of the Metropolitan City of Florence advises you to travel if strictly necessary and not to stop near banks or banks.

Venice is crying for Help – Worst Floods in decades

Exceptionally high tidal waters returned to Venice, prompting the mayor to close the iconic St. Mark’s Square and call for donations!

7 famous Venice Places damaged by the Flood

Venice has experienced some of the worst flooding in its history this week, with flood levels of over six feet submerging the city’s most revered and historical sites.