Heavy Snowfall in Bolzano, Italy – 16/11/2019

In Bolzano, (North Italy) the temperature has literally collapsed in the last hours towards zero and the rain has turned into snow.

Floods Devastate the famous Saturnia Baths in Tuscany – 15/11/2019

The Baths of Saturnia, in Tuscany, have been invaded by the flood of mud!

New Floods in Venice, 15/11/2019 – St Mark’s Square Closed

Water levels expected to rise again in Venice on Friday 19/11/2019.

New Cyclone to STRIKE Italy tomorrow (16/11/2019), – Floods Warning for 8 Regions

A Mediterranean Cyclone - is on course to strike Italy in the next 24 hours as parts of the country are warned of torrential rainfall and intense winds.

Venice Flooding: St Mark’s priceless Mosaics drowned in sewage

Tourists and locals in Venice are in shock at flood damage caused to one of the city's most famous sites!

Venice Flooded – Highest Tides in 50 Years (Videos)

It is saddening to state that the water levels in Venice have not been this high in over 50 years. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Twitter that “Venice is on its knees.’’

Scientists Warning – Venice will become Underwater City by 2100

It has been said for many years that Venice City (Venezia) in Italy is sinking, but a new scientists study suggests it could be as soon as 2100.

Good News: Venice Famous Bookshop Survived from Floods 👍

This week's deluge proved too much even for one famous Venice bookstore which had resigned itself to constant flooding, keeping its books inside bathtubs and boats!

Tourists evacuate Venice as Flooding Covered the 85% of the City

Venice was underwater yesterday as violent storms swept across Italy. More than 85% of Venice was flooded, including the historic St Mark’s basilica.

90% of Venice is still Flooded – Waves in St Mark square, The highest...

Two people have died as the highest water levels for more than 50 years caused hundreds of millions of euros of possibly irreparable damage in Venice!