Italy records lowest Coronavirus deaths in over THREE (3) weeks

Italy reports the lowest coronavirus death toll in three weeks at 431 continuing hope that Europe's deadliest outbreak to date has peaked.

More than 330,000 people have RECOVERED from Coronavirus around the world

Almost 1.5million coronavirus infections confirmed globally during pandemic...

Boris Johnson is OUT of hospital after Coronavirus battle

Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds told of her agony as the Prime Minister battled coronavirus in intensive care.

Wuhan Labs (China) was performing tests on BATS when Coronavirus started

Wuhan lab was performing coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated - with a £3m grant from the USA.

Finally China declares Dogs as Pets and are Not for Eating

China Announces New Guidelines That Classify Dogs As Pets Rather Than Livestock...

Coronavirus Death toll in ITALY rises to 19,468

Italy's coronavirus death toll rises to 19,468 with more than 150,000 cases as officials warn people not to let their guard down despite falling fatalities.

Scientists say we may NEVER have a Vaccine for the killer Coronavirus

A desperately-needed COVID-19 vaccine may never come to light, according to the Australian scientist heading up the global search.

Mother with Coronavirus Dies giving birth, but her BABY survives

Mum with #coronavirus dies giving birth - The baby survived the birth, and it is understood that it has not contracted the deadly coronavirus.

‘Amazing’ 101-year-old recovers from Coronavirus

Keith Watson, from Worcestershire, was admitted for surgery after a fall but developed a high temperature and tested positive for COVID-19.

Italy to extend its Lockdown for 3 more WEEKS

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte announced that the lockdown in Italy would be extended until May 3rd, as the country struggles to fully contain COVID-19.