Coronavirus Death toll in ITALY rises to 10,023 🙏

Italy's coronavirus death toll has skyrocketed by 899 in just 24 hours bringing the total number of deaths to 10,023.

A few months Baby in ITALY survives from Coronavirus and becomes the symbol of...

At just a few months of age, little Leonardo has beaten COVID-19. He’s become the pride of Corbetta (Italy), so much so that the city mayor himself posted the news.

Princess Maria Teresa of Spain, 84, dies of Coronavirus

First royal death from coronavirus: 86-year-old Princess Maria Teresa of Spain dies after testing positive for bug – as the nation mourns 5,690 dead...

Italian Churches are full of Coffins as Coronavirus Death toll soars by 1000 in...

Coffins fill up Italy's churches and halls as the army wearing protective hazmat suits are brought in to move bodies out of the country's worst affected region...

New Coronavirus Test gives results in 15 minutes

A Dutch firm has created a new coronavirus test that can give results in just 15 minutes in the same fashion as a pregnancy stick.

100-years-old Italian Man leaves hospital after beating Coronavirus

Coronavirus case described as "hope for the future of us all."

Father and Doughter die from Coronavirus 24 hours apart

The daughter of a Heathrow immigration officer who died from coronavirus was also killed by the disease herself just 24 hours later.

USA has now the most Coronavirus cases (100,000) in the World

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States topped 100,000 on Friday as infections quickly spread to new areas of the country.

Hospitals in Italy & Spain are ready to Collapse as they reach Coronavirus breaking...

‘I feel exhausted, physically and emotionally. And frustrated to be working in these conditions,’ doctor tells Graham Keeley in Madrid.

Virgin Mary appears in the Sky and Locals say She’s Protecting us from Coronavirus

Locals have given thanks to the Virgin Mary herself for apparently giving protection during the coronavirus, after claiming to have seen a vision of her in the sky.