Now you can Fly to EUROPE from USA for less than $182

So why not get your planning head on because Norwegian Airlines has just announced a flash sale for less than £145 ($182)

Heavy SNOW hits the Italian City of Naples

SNOW and freezing temperatures have hitten the Italian City of Naples on Thursday as shocked locals posted videos of the extreme weather conditions.

Snow set to hit ITALY over the next 3 DAYS

Temperatures will dropp up to -10°C in some regios of Italy!

6 people Dead in Train Crash in Denmark

At least six people died in a tragic accident after a passenger train travelling towards Copenhagen was hit by objects from a beer freight train.

Weather: Snow storms to STRIKE Italy in next 24 HOURS

Temperatures will dropp up to -10°C in some regios of Italy!

NOW: Earthquake 4.2R strikes Central Italy

According to Italian seismologists, the epicenter was registered at a depth of some 17 kilometers in the commune of Collelongo, in the province of L'Aquila.

BEAUTIFUL ITALY wishing all our Followers very HAPPY NEW YEAR of good health, prosperity...

Best wishes from all of us 🍾 Tanti Auguri! Salute!

6 Million m3 of Lava ejected from Italy Supervolcano (Etna)

AS much of 6 million cubic metres of lava has spewed out of Mount Etna after its latest eruption, covering an area of just over one square kilometre...

9.8 Million Tourists will Celebrate New Year in Italy

An estimated 9.8 million tourists are expected to visit Italy over the next week to celebrate the New Year, up 8.5% over the same period last year.

NOW: Earthquake 3.5R rocked the City of Rome

According to Italy's National Institute of Geophysics, the quake measured 3.5R and the epicenter in the municipality of Gallicano in Lazio, 10 kilometers deep.