Coronavirus lockdown could last for us to SIX (6) MONTHS

A senior UK health chief said the countries could be in lockdown for another six months in order to prevent the coronavirus from coming back.

Earth’s Ozone layer is HEALING during Coronavirus lockdown

Experts have confirmed that the earth's ozone layer is continuing to heal, with a new study finding that its recovery is still in progress.

Coronovirus can live on Mobile phones for NINE (9) DAYS

Clean your phone NOW: Infectious disease professor's urgent warning about mobiles and COVID-19 - and why you should be washing it as often as your hands.

14% of Coronavirus patients test Positive AGAIN

Research showed about three to 14 per cent of the former patients were diagnosed with the virus after being given the all-clear.

Italy reports a slight Drop in Coronavirus deaths

Italy's coronavirus infection rate slowed for a fourth successive day on Wednesday, and the the total number of deaths also dropped, though still remained high at 683.

33 Italian Doctors die in 2 weeks from Coronavirus

More than 5,000 Italian healthcare workers infected with Covid-19.

Coronavirus can survive on SHOES up to five (5) DAYS

Why you need to leave your shoes OUTSIDE your house: Infectious disease specialists warn COVID-19 can survive on soles for up to five days.

Italian village devastated by Coronavirus – 36 dead in 23 days

The coronavirus epidemic has claimed the lives of 36 villagers in just 23 days.

Coronavirus Deaths in ITALY falls Today (25/3/2020)

A decline in the daily tally of fatalities following a spike the day before..

21-years-Old woman dies from Coronavirus

Chloe Middleton from Buckinghamshire is believed to have died of coronavirus.