Coronavirus Death toll in Italy rises to 1016 🙏

Italy reported 189 more deaths linked to coronavirus on Thursday, slightly fewer than the previous day yet the death toll passed 1,000. Here's the latest news.

Italian Couple been together 60 years Die from Coronavirus just 2 hours apart

Severa Belotti, 82, and Luigi Carrara, 86, lived in the town of Albino, in Bergamo!

Grandmother (103-years-old), has RECOVERED from Coronavirus

A 103-year-old grandmother has recovered from the coronavirus following 6-day treatment.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson test Positive for Coronavirus

"To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive," Tom Hanks wrote on Instagram!

Italy announces TOTAL Lockdown to battle Coronovirus

Italy orders total shutdown as country battles worsening Coronavirus crisis!

Italian Nurses fighting Coronavirus 🙏 Simply… THANK YOU

Along with doctors and other medical staff, nurses have been on the frontline of Italy's fight against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Death toll in Italy rises to 827 🙏 196 people die in 24...

There have been 827 deaths in Italy and the number of cases increased by more than 2,000, from 10,149 to 12,462, official figures showed.

Italian Doctors fighting Coronavirus 🙏 Pray for them

'Hospitals are overwhelmed': Italian doctors describe the struggle of fighting the coronavirus outbreak!

Italian Doctors are forced to choose who to Save from Coronavirus

An intensive care doctor in northern Italy has described the scale of the crisis...

Italy Stay Strong ❤️ You Are Not Alone

Italy passes 10000 coronavirus cases as national quarantine ...