Italy cancels Venice Carnival amid Coronavirus – 100.000 people Quarantined

Italy is sealing off entire towns and canceling major events after 322 cases and 12 deaths made it the most infected country outside Asia!

Coronavirus Italy MAP – 11 Cities on Lockdown

CORONAVIRUS has spread far and wide around the globe killing more than 2,700 people. As cases surge in Italy, which 11 towns are on lockdown?

Our Prayers for the Victims of Coronavirus in Italy & the World

Death toll stands at 11 as experts warn the global spread of Covid-19 is reaching a tipping point...

Should I Cancel my Trip to Italy beceause of Coronavirus?

Italy is currently in the midst of the biggest coronavirus outbreak in Europe, and six people there have died from the disease so far, The New York Times reported.

Coronavirus: Is it Safe to Visit Italy now?

In the last few hours the first cases of Coronavirus in Italy have been recorded, which have alarmed the population...

❤️ PRAY for ITALY 🙏 Here’s why…

Italy reported a total of 229 novel coronavirus cases on Monday, leaping ahead of Japan (156 cases) on the list of worst-hit countries.

50,000 people Forced into Guarantine in ITALY due to Coronavirus Outbreak

CORONAVIRUS is crippling the north of Italy as up to 50,000 people have now been forced into quarantine following more than 250 cases reported since the outbreak.

Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Threatening Europe. Can It Be Contained?

More than 50,000 Italians are literally locked down, facing jail sentences and fines if they leave their homes, thanks to the largest outbreak outside Asia!

BREAKING: Strong Earthquake (4.8R) rockes South Italy

A relatively intense earthquake was recorded today at 17.02, on central Calabria on the Sila massif. The earthquake was clearly felt over much of the region.

❤️ Please Pray for ITALY 🙏 5 people Dead from Coronavirus and 219 Infected...

A fifth elderly patient has died after contracting the coronavirus in Italy, while the number of people testing positive for the virus is now over 200.

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