Venice comes back to normal Life after lockdown

Venice landmarks reopen slowly in the lagoon city.

More than 330,000 people have RECOVERED from Coronavirus around the world

Almost 1.5million coronavirus infections confirmed globally during pandemic...

Italy reopens to tourists from Europe Today 😊

3 June marks a major step in Italy's coronavirus emergency timeline.

Heavy Snowfall expected in Rome today – 15/1/2021

Snow warning in place for Lazio region on 15 January.

Stray Dogs may have spread Coronavirus fro bats to humans

Understanding how coronavirus infected humans may be key to combating it...

Italy reopens Rome Pantheon after 3 months

Pantheon joins the Colosseum and Vatican Museums in reopening to visitors after the COVID-19 lockdown in Rome.

Dog abandoned on Rome Bus – Adoption appeal

Workers from Rome's public transport company ATAC have launched an adoption appeal after a dog was found abandoned on a city bus!

Italian Ship sinks in Atlantic Ocean after going on Fire

An Italian cargo ship sank about 200 miles off the western Atlantic coast of France after rescue vessels were unable to put out a fire that broke out.

Extreme Heatwave (45°C) hits Sicily, Italy

Exceptional heat in Sicily, close to 45 ° C in the Catania area. Heat storms in the Messina area, but the heat will increase

A music legend singer, Bill Withers dies aged 81, (RIP)

He is famous for writing and singing a string of soulful hits in the 1970s.

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Top 10 Most Beutiful Shopping Streets in Italy

Many travel destination are currently investing in upgrading their shopping centers. Let us see together few of the most popular shopping streets in Italy!

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