BREAKING NEWS: Video Shows that Boeing 737 was Hit by Missile

Shocking Video appears to show a missile being fired and striking an object, around the same time that a Boeing 737 plane crashed just after taking off from.

Snow is Falling in many Italian Cities – 14/12/2019

Schools were closed in Rome and Naples while Milan got its first snow of the winter as a fierce storm swept over Italy on Friday.

Tourists caught carving their Names into Leaning Tower of Pisa

American tourists carved the name "Jeffy" into landmark monument.

Parma (Italy) rocked by 70 Earthquakes in 3 days

The earth in Parma, Italy, continues to tremble 😱

Sicily (Italy) rocked by 8 small Earthquakes in 12 hours

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck the Tyrrhenian Sea at 12:10 this morning.

Starbucks to open Coffe Shop in Florence, Italy

The American coffee giant expands in Italy...

A truly Exceptional Discovery in the ruins of the Ancient Pompeii in Italy

Well-preserved bodies found in a "truly exceptional" discovery at Pompeii.

Highway Bridge Collapses in Italy as Floods strikes the Country

Flooding pounded Italy amid heavy rains over the weekend, leaving at least three dead and a stretch of elevated highway collapsed by a landslide!

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Top 6 Places to Celebrate New Year (2020) in Italy

Here are the most beautiful and unique places in beautiful Italy to spend New Year's eve at. They light up completely on this special day!

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