Two (2) Cruise Ships in Quarantine in Italy after coronavirus outbreaks

Costa Cruises is the latest cruise line to be struck by the deadly virus - two of its ships are currently quarantined in Italy.

Stray Dogs may have spread Coronavirus fro bats to humans

Understanding how coronavirus infected humans may be key to combating it...

Winter Heatwave (29°C) hits Sardinia, Italy

The island of Sardinia experienced an unusual spell of summer weather, and a new record was set for the month of February when the temperature reached 29°C.

Italian Ship sinks in Atlantic Ocean after going on Fire

An Italian cargo ship sank about 200 miles off the western Atlantic coast of France after rescue vessels were unable to put out a fire that broke out.

Italian Church is finally empty from Coronavirus coffins

It was a grim few weeks for this church in Bergamo, an Italian city that falls northeast of Milan after the coronavirus outbreak began ravaging through the country.

Italy rejects McDonald’s appeal to open next to Rome Ancient Baths

Lazio court rejects McDonald's appeal to go ahead with a fast food outlet near Baths of Caracalla in Rome.

Italy reopens Rome Pantheon after 3 months

Pantheon joins the Colosseum and Vatican Museums in reopening to visitors after the COVID-19 lockdown in Rome.

Brussels lights up its main Square in UK colours to say Goodbye to Britain

The City of Brussels has laid on a festival of Britishness to say goodbye to the UK, ahead of Brexit.

Dog abandoned on Rome Bus – Adoption appeal

Workers from Rome's public transport company ATAC have launched an adoption appeal after a dog was found abandoned on a city bus!

Italian Pasta maker Barilla donates $500,000 for Coronavirus Therapy research

The Barilla family, name, has donated $500,000 to U.S. non-profit association "The Cure Alliance" to fund research on a COVID-19 therapy...