Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Bites

These little dreamy bites are outrageous! Just be sure to freeze your squares solid before dipping! I found my chocolate bark at Target and it worked perfectly!

Bubbles – The Smallest mobile Wine Bar in Italy 😊

Patti Genko, a professional voice actor who runs a PR and marketing firm, has announced the launch of her new company, “Bubbles Mobile Bar.”

Bacon Cannoli 💡 Recipe Idea

Bacon cannoli are basically 100% protein, so whether you're trying to eat fewer carbs, gluten-free, or just more bacon, this recipe satisfies all your dietary desires.

Parma – The Beautiful Italian Town of Culture 2020

The city of Parma in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna is Italy's Capital of Culture in 2020 after Matera was designated European Culture Capital in 2019.

Wild Boar destroys €20k of Cocaine stash in Tuscany forest

Wild boar sniffing through the Tuscany countryside ploughed through 20.000 euros of Cocaine stashed by bumbling gangsters in the forest.

10 Most Expensive Super-Yachts in the World

Guaranteed to Blow Your Imagination :-)

Italy reopens again Cinque Terre “Lovers Lane💖” (Path of Love) after 11 years

One of the most scenic trails in the Cinque Terre is set to reopen in 2023, more than a decade after it was closed for renovation.

Italian Ghost Town (Sambuca) is selling homes for 1$

The town recently announced it was selling off vacant houses for just €1 in a bid to boost its shrinking population, and promptly found itself inundated by inquiries.

Italy on Alert for extreme Bad Weather

As temperatures drop, eight regions in southern and south-central parts of the country have been put on alert over “extremely strong” winds.

Pistachio Ricotta Cookies – recipe

Pistachio Ricotta Cookies... you can never eat enough of these!