Venice (Italy) wants to charge all Visitors with entrance Fee (€10)… Do you agree?

After seeing an estimated 25 million visitors each year, Venice, Italy is breaking the mold by becoming the first Italian city to charge visitors an entrance fee!

Top 4 Reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Italy

It’s no wonder that when it comes to Valentines Day, Italy is a great place to be. Here are some reasons to spend this Love Day in beautiful Italy...

Sicilian Cream Puffs recipe ~ (TESTA DI TURCO)

Testa di Turco (Moors’ Head) is a Sicilian dessert prepared all over Sicily.

Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran Sing duet ‘Perfect Symphony’ LIVE for the first time...

The Italian tenor (Andrea Bocelli) joined the pop star (Ed Sheeran) on stage in London, during his world tour, to sing their duet 'Perfect Symphony'.

Italy is the No1 Healthiest Country in the World for 2018

Italy has one of the best healthcare system around the World and the Italian healthcare system has actually been getting better and better every year!

Under The Tuscan Sun: Explore the rolling Hills and the Red Wine of Montalcino...

Discover the beautiful medieval city of Montalcino, south of Siena!

Italy wants to Ban Sunday Shopping … Do You Agree?

The Italian government will introduce a ban on Sunday shopping in large commercial centers before the end of the year as it seeks to defend family traditions!

Weather Warning across Italy with Rain and Storms

Most of Italy has been placed on weather alert for Saturday and Sunday as forecasters warn of storms that have already seen homes flooded...

New Earthquake (5.3 magnitube) strikes Italy

Reports of a powerful earthquake in Province of Campobasso at 20:19, with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of south and central Italy...

Earthquake (5.2 magnitube) strikes South Italy

There were reports of a powerful earthquake in south Italy on Wednesday (00:50), with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of south Italy...