100-year-old Guido Stangalini and his wife Maria Pagani, aged 93, live in the Castano Primo area just outside Milan. Their touching story, told by the town’s mayor Giuseppe Pignatiello, was published by Italian newspaper.

Due to their reduced mobility, Guido and Maria had decided to move into the town’s nursing home during February of this year.

Guido moved in first, with Maria due to follow a few days later. However the covid-19 pandemic exploded, leading to the banning of all visits to nursing homes.

“Maria and Guido are one of those couples from the past, who do everything together” – “For those who in 70 years of marriage have never experienced such a long separation, these days must have seemed like an eternity.”.

For the ensuing 101 days, Guido spent his time praying that he would see Maria “at least one last time,” according to the nursing home director Diego Colombo.

“After all these months, Guido’s prayers were answered because Maria arrived at the home yesterday, accompanied by the couple’s two children” – said Mayor Pignatiello – “The husband was waiting for her in the lobby in front of the church, sitting in his wheelchair and, when she saw him, his wife rushed to greet him.”

Following a long embrace and many tears, Guido and Maria promised they would never leave each other again.