Rest In Peace Professor Giuseppe Finzi 🌹

Giuseppe Finzi, director of the Day Hospital of Parma, Italy, died this morning from the CV19 doing his Job as a doctor saving thousands of lives.
Five more Italian doctors have died from coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 13 as it was revealed 2,629 health workers have been infected.
Initially three new fatalities were named Luigi Ablondi, former general manager of Crema hospital, Giuseppe Finzi, a hospital doctor in Cremona and a general practitioner in Bergamo called Antonino Buttafuoco.
More than 2,600 medical workers have been infected with coronavirus in Italy – 8.3% of the country’s total cases, it emerged last night, as the government extended lockdown measures beyond the start of April today.
Dr Buttafuoco, who tested positive for the virus, was unable to overcome the symptoms of the disease and passed away yesterday at the age of 66.