The South is experiencing the hottest day of the week and probably the hottest in the last 4-5 years.

Many places from Sicily to Puglia are recording temperatures above 44 °C, especially those of the hinterland, further away from the very weak sea breezes.
The highest temperatures, however, were recorded in Sicily: here the African heat turned out to be really intense and exceptional, despite the island being more than used to strong sub-tropical heat waves.
The hottest city in Sicily is now Caltagirone, in the province of Catania, which recorded 44.6 ° C . Followed by Aragona 43.6 ° C, Riesi 43.3 ° C, Mineo 42.9 ° C. 

Sudden heat storms developed between Catania and Messina.
The excessive amount of Saharan dust present at high altitude certainly favored its formation: the small grains of sand act as condensation nuclei for the water vapor and here clouds and rain showers manage to develop.