This year will see the release of a new emoji representing one of Italy’s most famous hand gestures: the “finger purse”. Officially known as “Pinched Fingers”, the new emoji is one of 117 expected to make it onto devices by October 2020.

The emoji dictionary Emojipedia defines the icon as: “an emoji showing all fingers and thumb held together in a vertical orientation, sometimes referred to as the Italian hand gesture ma che vuoi [what do you want?].”
Usually performed while flicking the wrist up and down, the gesture can mean anything from “are you serious?”, to “come on”, or “what the hell”.
It is included in the Emoji 13.0 update, following a request filed by US-based Italian journalist and entrepreneur Adriano Farano and two others. The Emoji 13.0 update also includes gender-neutral wedding symbols and the transgender flag.