Italy is currently in the grip of the 2nd extended heatwave of summer, with the government placing eight cities on ‘red alert’ for heat-related health risks.

After a sharp rise in temperatures in many places around Italy, over the weekend, the heat is expected to linger for at least several days…
The Health Ministry said that eight cities were on red alert due to the high temperatures on Wednesday, the highest possible level which indicates “high-risk conditions that persist for three or more consecutive days”.
The affected cities are: Bologna, Bolzano, Campobasso, Florence, Genoa, Perugia, Pescara and Rieti. In these areas, the mercury is set to come very close to 45C and it may feel even hotter than that, particularly in city centers…According to, Bologna, Ferrara, and Florence will see temperatures of 39-45C combined with high humidity, while Padua and Rome will be almost as warm at up to 37C. Milan and Turin can expect the mercury to rise to 35-36C.
With the exception of inland areas of Sicily — set to swelter at 38C — the weather is slightly milder in the south, with a peak of 33C in Naples and Bari.