2From minor actor to a Hollywod star

De Niro was born in 1943 in New York City, and his parents were artists, so we could say that creativity runs in his blood.

He was studying acting at a conservatory, but at the age of 16, he decided to drop out and started working in very small plays on Broadway. His talent was unquestionable, so he landed minor appearances in films, always portraying violent or antagonistic characters.
Finally, he worked for director Martin Scorsese in the film Mean Streets. This role was very important for his career since, with it, he impressed director Francis Ford Coppola, who offered him a role in The Godfather II.
With this role, he won his first Oscar. Thus his career evolved until he became the grumpy old man we love so much in today’s movies.Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!