A MASSIVE wildfire has forced hundreds of villagers to flee their homes near a remote Italian mountain (Mount Serra) near Pisa in Pisano region!

The blaze is still raging on Mount Serra in the Pisano regions and and the flames are approaching the  village of Calci.
Mayor Massimiliano Ghimenti has ordered villagers to leave their homes.
Reception centres have been set up in local gyms and sports clubs and 50 volunteers are looking after aroiund 500 people who have fled their homes.Schools in the threatened area have been closed until further notice. Around 80 firefighters have been tackling the blaze throughout the night.
Special aircraft capable of dumping water onto the fire are on their way to the region.

Fire chiefs and civil protection officers said strong winds were hampering the operation to tackle the wildfire. There have been no reports of death or injuries but officials fear the flames are about to reach inhabited areas.