Rome’s Fiumicino international airport has become the first airport in Europe to introduce a portable thermoscanner, known as the Smart Helmet, to screen passengers and staff for possible symptoms of COVID-19.

The airport says that the high-tech helmets, worn by authorized airport officials, are capable of checking body temperatures, at a distance.
Fiumicino, also known as Leonardo da Vinci airport, is currently in possession of three of these helmets which will be used by staff walking around the terminals.
The airport says that if the technology detects that a person has a high temperature, they will be informed immediately and invited to undergo a medical check.

The helmet is part of a coordinated effort by the airport to increase its screening measures as Italy prepares to enter “Phase Two” of the coronavirus emergency.

The airport says it has re-organized its spaces in line with social distancing measures and has made hand sanitizer and masks available.
Fiumicino will have a total of 90 thermal scanners in operation to “guarantee maximum safety conditions and prevent the spread of infections.”.