LATEST NEWS – At least 22 people have died after a motorway nridge collapsed in the northern Italian city of Genoa (Genova).

An 80-metre section of the Morandi Bridge on the A10 motorway came down in an industrial area of the port city during a sudden and violent storm.
The death toll was given at the scene by the deputy transport minister. At least 8 people have been injured, and 4r people pulled alive from the rubble, he added.
About 20 vehicles including cars and trucks were on the affected section of the bridge when it fell 100 metres, mostly onto rail tracks…Rescue workers compared the conditions to an earthquake, as dogs searched through the rubble and heavy equipment was moved in to lift pieces of the bridge.
Genoa is located between in north-west Italy. Its rugged terrain means motorways run through the city and the surrounding area via long viaducts and tunnels.