A BRIDGE on one of Italy’s busiest motorways (Genoa) has collapsed, killing at least 35 people who fell 100 metres above the ground.

Italy’s ANSA news agency reported the updated number of deaths.
A 50-metre high section of the bridge, crashed down in the rain onto the roof of a factory and other buildings, crushing vehicles below and plunging huge slabs of reinforced concrete into the nearby riverbed.
The bridge, known as Ponte Morandi, is as tall as 100m (328ft) and is part of the A10 motorway connecting the city of Genoa to Savona and Ventimiglia.Rescue workers compared the conditions to an earthquake, as dogs searched through the rubble and heavy equipment was moved in to lift pieces of the bridge.
Genoa is located between in north-west Italy. Its rugged terrain means motorways run through the city and the surrounding area via long viaducts and tunnels.