A BRIDGE in Italy has collapsed killing dozens according to the Italian Ambulance Service, where is Genoa? Where has the bridge collapsed?

Dozens of people are reported to be dead after a large section of a road bridge collapsed in the northern Italian city of Genoa.
There are thought to be about 10 vehicles involved when a 200m (650ft) section of the Morandi Bridge collapsed during a sudden storm.
The ANSA news agency also said that structural weakness added to the collapse. Torrential rain had been pounding northern Italy.Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said in a tweet that he was “following with great apprehension what seems like an immense tragedy”.
The bridge lies to the west of the port city of Genoa, along the A10 toll road.

There has been recent restructuring work carried out on the bridge, with it having been erected in the 1960s. The city is located on the Gulf of Genoa in the Ligurian Sea.