Italy on Wednesday reported 4.782 more coronavirus cases and 727 more deaths in the past 24 hours – the lowest number since March 26th although some officials have raised doubts about the accuracy of death toll data.

Another 4.782 cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed on Wednesday, according to the latest daily figures from Italy’s Civil Protection department. This represented a slightly faster rise in the number of new infections for the first time in six days – the rise has been gradually slowing day by day.
In total Italy has now confirmed 110,574 cases of coronavirus since the outbreak began, including the deceased and recovered patients.

Another 1,118 people had recovered on Wednesday figures showed, making a total of 16,847. The death toll was slightly lower on Wednesday than on Tuesday, but some doubts were raised about the accuracy of data on fatalities.
The death toll figure rose by 727, compared to Tuesday’s 837.
This brings the total number of fatalities to  13,155.

Significantly there was only a rise of 12 in the number of patients in intensive care – 4,035 compared to 4,023 on Tuesday. In the early stages of the epidemic in Italy the number would rise by hundreds each day.