McDonald’s, the American fast-food giant, has lost its appeal against the city of Rome and Italy’s ministry for cultural heritage, which had blocked its plans to open an outlet on a privately-owned site beside the Baths of Caracalla.

The Lazio Regional Administrative Court (TAR) rejected the McDonald’s appeal for the construction of a diner near the third-century Baths of Caracalla.Last summer when McDonald’s began works to create a McDrive branch at a large privately-owned garden center, converting the former Eurogarden shop building into an 800-sqm fast-food restaurant with 250 seats.
The mayor of Rome, wasted little time in calling for the suspension of the project despite it being fully authorized and not involving any new construction work.

The mayor’s call was answered by Italy’s culture minister, a fellow member of Raggi’s populist Movimento 5 Stelle, who revoked authorization for the project.

McDonald’s then took the case to TAR to appeal the rejection of the development which the company says would have created around 60 jobs.