As in other countries, some people in Italy downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus when it was first detected in the country. But after a major outbreak prompted the government to impose lockdown, all that has changed.

Now, many Italians are taking to social media to warn the rest of the world to learn from their mistakes before it’s too late.
Italians from all backgrounds have urged others to stop underestimating a disease which is stretching northern Italy’s healthcare system to the limit.
“I want to warn you so that you don’t face what we are facing here,” Italian blogger Marco Cartasegna told his 386,500 followers on Instagram. “Please take advantage of our example and act now to prevent a huge crisis in your countries,” he said.

While Italy has been battling the outbreak and has over 31,000 cases and more than 3,000 victims, other countries have only recently been forced into taking action.
France and Spain has recently imposed lockdowns, while Belgium and Germany have ordered their citizens to stay at home, but others like Britain and the USA have faced criticism for delaying anti-coronavirus measures.