Most of us can only dream about hanging around in bed, all day, every day, and actually still get a paycheck at the end of the month. And it turns out that for some lucky people, that dream is about to become a reality.

Sounds easy, right? We thought so too until we read the guidelines. NASA is offering $100,000 to the right candidates to stay lying down in bed for two months straight.
However, it ain’t easy. To get the job, candidates must go through a series of vigorous and strenuous tests and NASA is extremely picky!
NASA has stressed that they are only interested in picking the perfect candidate that will fit in with the ‘NASA astronaut population’.
The beds that candidates will be lying on for 60 days are not your average bedroom bed. They are ‘special’ beds that reduce blood pressure and also cause a slow decrease in blood volume. You’ve changed your mind, haven’t you?
It won’t take long before your muscles to deteriorate and shrink, especially given the lack of exercise and movement in your arms and legs.
Bone density will decrease and falling ill may also increase due to the immune system being weakened. The point behind this 60-day test is to determine how space affects the cardiovascular system. Candidates are not allowed to move from the bed at all, which means no toilet breaks and no showers.

NASA hopes to use this study in a way that makes it easier to understand space and how an astronaut’s body responds to the time in space. It’s another way to inspect the cause of what keeps their space travelers happy and healthy and in better condition.