Winter in Cinque Terre, Italy (photos+VIDEO)

We love the Cinque Terre—even in the winter!

12 perfect Walking Towns in Tuscany

Ideas for how to admire the best views of the countryside on foot

Mount ETNA volcano in Italy MOVED 50cm after the Eruption

ITALY’S Etna volcano has moved a staggering amount after an intense eruption began on Christmas Eve and resulted in a magnitude 4.8 earthquake on December 26.

Venice Tourists to charged €10 to enter the City

Visitors to Venice will have to pay a new tax to help cover the costs of keeping the tourist-thronged historic city clean and safe, city officials have announced.


The beautiful Island of Sicily is renowned for its citrus fruits, its pistachio nuts and almonds. All these products make fantastic ingredients for sweets.

6 Million m3 of Lava ejected from Italy Supervolcano (Etna)

AS much of 6 million cubic metres of lava has spewed out of Mount Etna after its latest eruption, covering an area of just over one square kilometre...

ITALY 🇮🇹 💖 the Most Beautiful Country in the World

Of course, we are not the only ones who believe that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. Year after year, Italy is judged one the top...

Are we prepared for the next BIG Tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea?

Nearly a century has passed since Europe’s last Tunami, a 13m wave caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sicily that was responsible for around 2,000 deaths.

Listen the Breath of Etna Volcano in Italy (live sound), VIDEO

MOUNT ETNA in Sicily, Italy, Europe's largest volcano, has been rocked by a "massive explosion" sending huge plumes of ash into the skies.