George & Amal Clooney: Inside their Wedding hotel in Italy

AMAL and her husband George Clooney married in Venice, Italy, back in 2014, and now fans have been given an insight into their wedding ceremony...

Jennifer Lopez enjoys a Romantic Trip in Capri, Italy

The famous singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in Capri wearing matching outfits and being sggressively asdorable again...


Whether you want to browse antiques or enter designer heaven, Europe has some of the most attractive, elegant and historic shopping streets ...

Top 5 Panoramic View Bars in Italy

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world.. Do you agree?

Want To Live In Italy? This City Will Pay You To Move There

This is how mayor Galliano is trying to bolster the population of his Town!

Choose the place you Want to Live in Italy

"Tag a person you like to take with you..." 😂

Heatwave Alert (41°C) for Rome, Italy

Rome City (Roma) has been added to the Italian health ministry's list of cities on alert due to the ongoing heatwave and high temperatures...

Map shows Highest Temperatures in The World

A WORLD heat map shows temperatures across the planet.,.

Serena Williams was craving Italian Food so her Husband took her to Italy

I'm mad at my boyfriend and I don't even have one :-(

Capri WARNING: Italy’s famous Island is at risk of EXPLODING due to mass Tourists

There’s the risk that Capri could explode — we welcome tourists but two million a year is bit too much, according to the mayor of the Italian island.