15 Places in Italy At Risk of Disappearing?

Scientists have concluded that some Italian sites are going to disappear in the next 100 years, due to climate change. These are some of those places!

Venice Is Flooding Because of Climate Change, but Corruption is Keeping it Under Water

After two days of heavy rain, Venice, can hopefully begin to recover...

Italy ‘Sleeping’ Volcano: Earthquake could trigger BIBLICAL eruption

THE catastrophic earthquake that devastated Italy in 2016 could unleash a dormant super-volcano near Rome with the power to cause widespread destruction.

Italy Strom Destroys 600 years-old Forests with 14 million pine Trees

Winds up to 200 km/h brought the ‘apocalypse’ to the Dolomites with 12 people killed (many by falling trees) and 50,000 hectares of forests destryed.

Italian APPLE PIE from Tuscany 🍏 Recipe

Delicious cake from Tuscany!

Vegan Woman fined $1,170 for threatening to kill her Italian Mother for making Meat Sauce

The daughter told court that for a long time she had not had "sensory nor olfactory contact” with animal products before moving to live with her mother.

How to Make Italian Homemade Nutella

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

Andrea Bocelli No1 in USA Charts

Rome, November 5 - Andrea Bocelli has reached number one in the US Billboard 200 album charts with 'Sì', industry sources said Monday.

Venice Restaurant Continues to Serve Food while Flooded (Video)

A Venice pizzeria was open for business this week despite ankle-deep water from violent rainstorms that left three-quarters of the Italian city flooded.

Coastal apocalypses: Luxury Yachts & Boats destroyed after Storm hits Italy (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

More than a hundred luxury Super Yachts and many simpler boats in an Italian port city were wrecked by a storm overnight leaving millions worth in damage.