Up to +47 °C in Italy & Greece on Monday, challenging Europe’s highest temperature record, with the extreme heatwave intensifying as we head into August.

The most intense heatwave of the year is underway across southeastern Europe, with the highest temperatures to nearly 45 °C recorded from south Italy across Greece over the last few days.

As we head into early August, the heatwave is expected to intensify even more and may challenge the European highest temperature ever recorded.
Monday or Tuesday could both peak around +47 °C. Dangerous wildfire threat has developed over Turkey, parts of Greece, and Sicily.

Temperatures were gradually increasing after Tuesday as an intense heatwave began under the strengthening upper High over the Mediterranean and the Balkan peninsula.
So far, the observed maximum temperatures were up to nearly 45 °C, being the hottest this weekend. As we are heading into the first week of August, the heatwave is, believe it or not, forecast to increase further.

The ongoing dangerous wildfire threats across Greece, Turkey, and Sicily, Italy will also increase are very dry and windy conditions are expected to continue through the first week of the final month of summer 2021.
The all-time highest temperature in Greece is +48.0 °C (118.4 °F), recorded in two cities, Athens and Elefsina, more than 40 years ago, in July 10th, 1977. And Greece is also holding the torch for the highest recorded temperature in Europe.