Sofia, Bulgaria

Although most of Sofians can be very polite and friendly to tourists, you should be extra careful in this city.

There is a high chance to get mugged on every corner of the city, or witness really bad arguments even in the center of the city at daylight.

Nottingham, UK

According to tourists, you should be careful where you park your car in Nottingham.

The reason is that authorities will give you a parking ticket, several minutes before your parking time actually expires.

Limerick, Ireland

Limerick is Ireland’s 3rd most populated city, and in the past one of the most dangerous. The Police has the numerous gangs under control, due to anti-gang legislation, and they have SWAT teams patrolling the remaining few gang areas.

Malmo, Sweden

Malmo is a multicultural city, as it has been inhibited by immigrants for years.

Considering Malmo being one of the smaller cities compared to other Swedish cities, it’s a safe town, as soon as you stay away from its outskirts.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is one of the most beautiful town in the world, but also dangerous.

This happens mostly because of the lack of authorities, as they aren’t really helpful in case you’ve got robbed even by a taxi driver.

Tirana, Albania

The capital of Albania is considered one of the most dangerous cities mostly due to the world-known Albanian mafia.However, Albanian people are friendly to tourists, as long as they’re treated the same and being provoked in any way.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a truly gorgeous city.

Although, it’s true that you can get robbed pretty easily, so if you ever visit the city you should stay in the downtown, and not walk around the suburbs.

Glasgow, UK

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, this beautiful city has a lot of muggers especially at night.

Of course, if you avoid these dangerous areas you’ll be safe.

Moscow, Russia

Like every major city attracting thousands of tourists, in Moscow operate many pickpockets at the busiest tourist areas. However if you don’ draw attention on you and keep your wallet in a safe place, you should be fine.