Lemon Pound Cake – This Cake Is Like A Dream!

The perfect and delicious summer time Italian Cake, this dessert isn't too heavy and is great for a breezy evening on your front porch!

6 Storybook Villages in Tuscany

Go there and you feel you’re walking inside a fairy tale. Just make sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you. Our top storybook villages in Tuscany!

Easy Cannoli – Ricotta Cream

A basic Cannoli-Ricotta cream that can be used in many desserts: Cannoli, Sfingi, Cream Puffs, Cakes and many more. Watch the VIDEO of this recipe.

Amazing Italian Limoncello Cake – recipe (Video)

Limoncello Cake is perfect for summer but can be made at any time of the year! Watch the video below to and let Giada show you how it's done!

Italian Almond Cookies – recipe (Video)

Very easy to make, and extremely easy to eat :-)

Rome’s Oldest Gelateria celebrates 140 Years

Rome's oldest gelateria is preparing to celebrate its 140th anniversary by asking Romans for their memories of the famed ice-cream parlor!

Italian villages waiting to Welcome Robert De Niro!

LOOKING for somewhere new to go on holiday? 10 reasons why tourists - and film stars - should head to Italy's little-known region of Molise.

These Italian Villages will pay you €700 a month to Live & set up a Business there

The region of Molise, one of Italy's smallest, plans to introduce a grant for people who open businesses in its least populated towns and villages.

Italy gets First Snow of the year 2019

The snow began falling on Friday and continued throughout the weekend, leaving the highest slopes buried in several centimeters of snow!

Snow in Italy in September? Winter comes early 😲

Italy has already had its first snow of the year, with parts of the Italan Alps turned unusually white in the first week of September 2019.