Bad Weather in Italy – Places in danger for Floods

A new Italian study has mapped the areas most likely to be affected by floods, heatwaves, and other "extreme weather events".

Venice in DOOMED – Scientist Warns that Venice will Drown

VENICE is set to be underwater permanently a top climate change researcher has warned.

Venice Flooding damaged St Mark’s Basilica Mosaics

Mosaics and columns in St Mark's have been damaged by recent flooding in Venice, the Procuratorate of the basilica said on Tuesday.

VIDEO: Venice Floods, but It Doesn’t Stop the Tourists

In a city so used to flooding, life doesn't stop when the water's knee-deep.

Venice Floods: St Mark’s Basilica Church is Underwater

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice flooded with nearly three feet of water last week, damaging part of the 1,000-year-old marble mosaic floor inside.

10 Simple Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes

These yummy treats will have your guests coming back for seconds.

Venice Floods cause €100,000 damages in World’s Oldest Caffe

Venice floods cause €100,000 damage to Caffè Florian in Piazza S. Marco.

Venice is crying for Help – Worst Floods in decades

Exceptionally high tidal waters returned to Venice, prompting the mayor to close the iconic St. Mark’s Square and call for donations!

Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad – Summer Recipe

True, it's not a green salad, but what's in a name? If we really wanted to get descriptive, we could call it strawberry banana cheesecake salad ...