Yummy Italian Recipe: “SFOGLIATELLA RICCIA”

Is a deliciously special dessert from Naples.

Only in Italy :-) Hanging from a Cliff, the Santuario Madonna della Corona

About 20 miles from Verona, and 10 miles from Lake Garda, you will discover the Santuario Madonna della Corona clinging to its precarious perch on Monte Baldo.

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Stuffed Zucchini Flowers: Italian recipe for Summer

Stuffed zucchini flowers are one of Italy's most graceful, tasty and elegant foods. Especially for the Summertime. Learn how to prepare them!

Another Italian village is selling homes for less than $2

Mussomeli Town, in southern Sicily, is selling abandoned properties for just $1.60.

May (2019) was the Coldest in Italy since 1957

Temperatures in Rome plummet as Italy records coldest May in 62 years.

Biggest Strawberry Cake in the World baked in Italy (61 meters)

A group of bakers in Italy broke a Guinness World Record when they created a strawberry cake measuring nearly 200 feet long.

Weather Alert: COLD & SNOW returns in Italy (5th May)

It is the 1st time in the last 280 year that it will snow May in Italy!