Medieval Wine windows are reopening in Italy after 500 years

It’s a quaint tradition — with a very dark history.

Recipe: Limoncello, the Nectar of the Gods

It's time to bottle up some southern Italian sunshine.

Italy’s Oldest Student celebrates degree at 96

96-year-old university student in Sicily graduates with top honours.

Torta Pasqualina, a savoury Pie of ricotta, spinach, lemon & nutmeg

This double-crusted stunner of a savory tart is a traditional Italian Easter dish, but it makes for an impressive vegetarian main no matter what you're celebrating.

The Italian Prosecco Van

Everyone has heard of the ice cream truck and you may have also heard of the cannoli cart,(video for cannoli cart is here) but here comes the Prosecco Van!

Italy makes World’s Biggest (598.5 kg) block of Cheese

Pecorino cheese makes Guinness Book of World Records in Sardinia.

The Sicilian Waterslide That Drops You into the Sea

If you're looking for the tallest waterslide in Europe, visit Sicily.

Rome opens Colosseum for moonlight Tours

Visit the Colosseum under the stars with guided tours in English and Italian.

GOOD NEWS: The coronavirus Vaccine is WORKING

Hopes build over UK Covid vaccine as Oxford drug trials show test subjects are developing key antibodies and T-cells for fighting off killer disease!

ITALY NEWS: Mamma Bear and her 4 Cubs eat cherries in Abruzzo village

Bears came to eat cherries in an Italian village on the border of the national park.