Top 6 Places to Celebrate New Year In Italy

Here are the most beautiful and unique places in beautiful Italy to spend New Year's eve at. They light up completely on this special day!

Christmas in Florence, Italy, with the Light Festival

If you're planning your Christmas holidays in Tuscany, Italy, don't miss this beautiful event that will turn on the entire city of Florence (Firenze)...

Rome Christmas Tree arrives in St Peter’s Square

Vatican Christmas tree to face "competition" from Rome's Netflix tree.

136 Sinkholes recorded on Rome Streets in 2018

Rome is experiencing an exponential rise of sinkholes opening up on the streets of the capital, according to the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection.

420 million People visited Italy this Year

Tourism in Italy is booming, as the latest figures show another record year for the country with more than 420 million visitors in 2018.

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How to Make Ricotta Christmas Cookies

Ricotta is an Italian whey cheese made from sheep, cow, goat, or Italian water buffalo milk whey left over from the production of other cheeses...

Italian Blueberry Ricotta Cake – recipe

It’s not quite a cheesecake, and not quite a cake, but somewhere in the middle.

Detailed Map of Italy with major Cities + Places

A detailed Map of Italy (Italia), showing main cities, regions, roads, towns and Italian Islands. Find out where is Italy and get great travel ideas!

Starbucks to open Coffe Shop in Florence, Italy

The American coffee giant expands in Italy...