Venice in DOOMED – Scientist Warns that Venice will Drown

VENICE is set to be underwater permanently a top climate change researcher has warned.

VIDEO: Venice Floods, but It Doesn’t Stop the Tourists

In a city so used to flooding, life doesn't stop when the water's knee-deep.

Strawberry Banana Cheesecake Salad – Summer Recipe

True, it's not a green salad, but what's in a name? If we really wanted to get descriptive, we could call it strawberry banana cheesecake salad ...

7 famous Venice Places damaged by the Flood

Venice has experienced some of the worst flooding in its history this week, with flood levels of over six feet submerging the city’s most revered and historical sites.

Italian Lemon Drop Cake! 🍋

Lemon Drop Cake is easy to make but is for serious lemon lovers! Lemon cake mix poked with lemon sauce and topped with whipped lemon frosting.

Italy passes Law to Send unsold Foods to Charities

Italy is introducing a series of incentives to end food waste!

Tenor Andrea Bocelli joins with UNESCO to aid Children affected by war

Andrea Bocelli launched a “Voices of the World” musical education programme jointly with UNESCO to provide a boost to children affected by armed conflicts!

Devastating flooding Photos from Venice, Italy – 15/11/2019

The city experiences the highest tide and flooding in the past 50 years! A state of emergency is declared, as heavy rain and winds continue.

Venice declares Disaster as the City is 2 meters Under the Water

Venice mayor Luigi Brugraro has declared a state of disaster after the lagoon city in northern Italy was hit by the second highest tide in more than 50 years.