Etna Volcano (Italy): Explosions and Lava flow from the SE crater – 14/12/2018

New eruptions at Etna spews Lava over the Snowy Slopes...

Emirates Released This Photo of a Diamond-encrusted AirPlane

The luxury airline tweeted a doctored photo of one of their jetliners with the exterior decked out in diamonds. “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777”.

‘White Christmas’ Song by Andrea Bocelli was Voted the 2nd Most Popular Song of...

Andrea Bocelli is without a doubt one of the best tenor singers and White Christmas is a favorite Christmas Song for many people around the World.

IN PICTURES: First Snow of the Winter falls on central Italy

The first flakes have fallen on the mountainous Italy and it's just gorgeous...

How to Say “Happy New Year” in Italian

You meet Italian friends and would like to wish them Happy New Year in Italian? Watch the follwing Video and listen to the pronunciation...

Italy on high Terror Alert for Christmas period

Rome police said heavy goods vehicles, public demonstrations and weapons and explosives will be banned in Rome for the Christmas celebrations!

Top 5 reasons to visit Tuscany in Winter

Visiting Tuscany in winter means discovering an amazing landscape you won't soon forget, with a totally different quality of light and amazing colors.

World without Venice? A nightmare more Real than we Think

Last month Venice suffered the 4th highest floods in its history!

Italian Stew with Beef and Ravioli recipe

Take a trip to Tuscany with a rustic soup brimming with beef, veggies and tomatoes.

Delicious Tiramisu Recipe from Italy (Lady fingers)

What dessert could ever beat this Tiramisu recipel? In English the name means pick-me-up and that is exactly what this delicious treat will do...