Bufalino – The Italian Camping Scooter 😄

Aimed at the solo traveler, the Bufalino is the minimalist camper’s eco dream.

Top 8 Gorgeous Seaside Towns in Italy

From the Italian Riviera to the farthest reaches of Sicily, there are plenty of seaside villages & Towns to please travelers in search of pristine beaches.

Italian Woman reunites with her Cat after 4 Years being Missing during Earthquake

An elderly lady has been reunited with her cat after losing it almost four years ago during an earthquake, and it’s the news we all need right now.

IKEA Store in Italy Opens Its Doors to Homeless Dogs to Sleep Inside

Stray dogs in Catania, Italy now have a leisurely, safe, and comfortable place to hang out...

16th-Century Giant ‘Colossus’ Sculpture in Florence, Italy has entire Rooms hidden inside

This epic colossus, half man, half mountain, was erected in the late 1500s by renowned Italian sculptor Giambologna as a symbol of Italy’s rugged Apennine mountains.

The canals of Venice look very different without Tourists

With Italy's streets left deserted by locals and tourists alike, animals are slowly stepping back in..

Sicily to Brussels on New ultra-rapid Train network

The EU's coronavirus economic recovery package could be used to fund an ultra-rapid train line through Italy, creating a direct rail connection to Brussels.

Ferrero Rocher hiring People to Move to Italy & Become a Taste Tester

Um, You Can Now Move to Italy & Become a Taste Tester for Ferrero Rocher!

Awesome Storm Sky on the Salento, Italy (17/6/2020)

The storm then quickly vanished and the sun shone all over the coast.