5 Most Beautiful and Fascinating Fountains in Rome

Rome’s fountains constantly hit the headlines due to misbehaving foreigners diving naked or partially clothed into their cooling waters.

Italy to rebuild Colosseum floor, restoring Gladiator’s Arena to host Live Concerts &...

The arena will once again come alive with concerts and theatre productions, but some feel the Colosseum should remain closed off to such initiatives in light of its violent past.

Airbus plans to launch a carbon-free Airplane by 2035

Airbus has unveiled three visual concepts for “zero-emission” airplanes to be powered by hydrogen.

10 Local Foods for every Italian City & Region

Eat your way through Italy's diverse regional cuisines. On this article you can discover food products in every corner of Italy.

10 Photos That Prove Friendship Is a Precious Gift

Friendship is a gem that develops over time as shown in the pictures shared by fellow netizens down below. We feel that these photos are meant to be appreciated!

9 Puzzles that Test your Brain Skills

Scientists believe that solving puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers make your brain younger and sharper. Here, we've selected a few puzzles to test your attention to detail.

This is how Italians in Venice said Goodbye to 2020… (photos inside)

A few days before the end of 2020, some Venetians hung a banner over the edge of the Rialto Bridge to say goodbye to a difficult year.

10 Cute Baby Donkeys are Everything You Need to See Today

While everyone enjoys seeing a kitten, puppies, or a cute farm animal people rarely take their time to adore baby donkeys. So today, we decided to honor baby donkeys!

12 Magical Places on Earth worth visiting in your Lifetime

We have gathered several of the most picturesque places that you can find in different corners of our planet.

First Snowfall in Milan, 28/12/2020 – (see photos)

Wintry weather has arrived in many parts of northern Italy on Monday, with snow in Milan, Turin, Genoa, and other areas.

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NEW Eruption on MOUNT ETNA: Lava explodes from the Italian volcano...

LAVA spews from the summit of Mount Etna, in southern Italy in dramatic images as a new wave of volcanic activity begins with multiple eruptions...

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