Rome Bus crashes into Tree: 14 people injured

A Rome city bus crashed into a tree on the city's Via Cassia, causing multiple injuries, four of them serious but none believed to be life-threatening.

Drunk Tourists dropped Alcohol into Trevi Fountain in Rome

3 Australian tourists were arrested at Rome's Trevi Fountain during the night of 14 October, after an altercation with city police, according to Italian news agency.

Bars in Italy use Pasta Straws to reduce Plastic waste

Since the world is turning more eco-friendly in the bid to reduce the effects of climate change, people are coming up with more innovative ways to make a change.

I stayed in one of Italy’s ghost Towns that’s selling off homes for $1,...

The entire region of Molise offered visitors €25,000 to move there, provided they set up a business in one of the towns with less than 2,000 residents.

Tourists caught carving their Names into Leaning Tower of Pisa

American tourists carved the name "Jeffy" into landmark monument.

Rome says NO to McDonald’s at Pantheon

American fast-food giant McDonald's has been refused 400-sqm outlet currently under construction near the Pantheon of Rome!

Italian Christmas Cookies – recipe

These Italian Cookies are the perfect bites of sweetness and are the perfect choice for any cookie platter, holiday or otherwise!

This ‘Space Plane’ could Fly you from Europe to USA in Only 1 hour

The UK Space Agency announced its plans for a “space plane” capable of carrying passengers from New York to London in just one hour.

Oldest Barber in the World, Anthony Mancinelli (Italian), dies at 108 years Old 😢...

Mancinelli was a gifted and extraordinary person, who touched thousands of lives over the last century!

Tourists charged €430 for Two (2) Plates of Spaghetti in Rome

Tourists were charged €349 for 2 plates of spaghetti al cartoccio di pesce, at the Antico Caffè di Marte on Via Banco di S. Spirito in the centre of Rome.