September 2020 was the Coldest in Italy for 50 years

The wave of storms and torrential rain that have been battering Italy for several days continued relentlessly on Monday.

September Snow falls near Rome, Italy

Snow rarely ever falls this early in the Lazio region.

Huge Fire breaks out in Italian Port

Ancona residents urged to keep their windows closed.

Bad Weather in Verona (Italy) – River Flooded and Roads closed

Bad weather Veneto, after the flood of the Adige in Verona after a night of fear.

BREAKING NEWS: 4 people Dead as Storms, floods and Tornadoes hits Italy

High winds, tornadoes, and giant hail: extreme weather hit many parts of Italy's north and center this weekend, leaving at least four dead...

Violent hailstorm flooded Verona, Italy – 24/8/2020

Verona, Vicenza, and Padua hit by a violent storm on Sunday night!

Fears of a 2nd Covid wave as Italy records 1,000 cases in 24 hours

Fears of a second coronavirus wave in Italy grow after the country recorded the worst daily rise in new infections since lockdown restrictions were lifted in May.

Couple buys House in Sicily for 1 Euro as Italian Villages Bid to bring...

Well, believe it or not, a number of Italian villages have begun selling homes for just €1. That's around 1.18 US dollars or 90 pence in UK pounds.

Oldest Pyramid in The World Discovered in Alaska

In case you didn’t know already, there are a lot of underlying theories that state the fact that Antarctica is NOT what it seems.

Tourist damages 200-years-old Statue after sitting on it for Selfie

Tourist breaks toes off the plaster model for Galleria Borghese masterpiece.

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