A truly Exceptional Discovery in the ruins of the Ancient Pompeii in Italy

Well-preserved bodies found in a "truly exceptional" discovery at Pompeii.

Two People are BEHEADED in terror attack on Church in France ++ More injured

The mayor of Nice says he believes the incident is a terror attack - a major police operation is underway in the city and the suspect has been arrested.

Italy cancels all Fairytale Christmas Markets 😞

The fairytale Christmas markets in north Italy's self-governing region of Trentino-Alto Adige have been canceled due to the risks associated with covid-19.

Venice Flood barriers Saved the City from high tide for first time in 1200...

Controversial and long-delayed underwater barriers to protect Venice from its notorious high tides were being deployed for the first time.

Six (6) people found Dead as storm ‘Alex’ hits Italy

The body of a woman has washed up in Italy's north-western region of Liguria on the morning of 5 October, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

2 Killed & 19 Missing in floods in Italy and France

Pray for Italy and France 🙏

Venice stays Safe at High tide thanks to Flood barriers

Amazing news from Venice today ❤️

1 person Dead and 11 Missing as Floods hits Italy

One person was confirmed to have died and 11 others listed as missing on Saturday after torrential rain overnight caused severe flooding across northern Italy.

September 2020 was the Coldest in Italy for 50 years

The wave of storms and torrential rain that have been battering Italy for several days continued relentlessly on Monday.

September Snow falls near Rome, Italy

Snow rarely ever falls this early in the Lazio region.

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