It’s Official—Americans Won’t Be Allowed to Travel in Europe When It Reopens

A list of the countries whose citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe starting on July 1 has been released, and it does not include the United States!

Ryanair Boeing-737 flight was seconds before Disaster

A Ryanair flight approaching Bergerac airport in bad weather flew too low for more than 2 minutes and was ordered to 'pull up' by an automated safety system.

Coronavirus in Italy: 100-year-old Man reunited with Wife after 101 days

Italian couple Guido (100) and Maria (93) were separated for 101 days due to covid-19 rules.

Rome Restaurants give Free dinners to Doctors & nurses

Piazza Navona restaurants honor Rome healthcare heroes in the COVID-19 crisis.

California (USA) is rocked by a 5.8R Earthquake

Central California is rocked by a 5.8R earthquake and more than TEN aftershocks triggering a rock slide just two days after a 4.6 quake in the same area.

BREAKING NEWS: Erthquake 7.4R hits Cantral America – Tsunami Warning issued

Southern Mexico was rattled by a powerful earthquake on Tuesday morning that triggered a tsunami alert for Pacific coastlines along with Central America.

Landslide in Italy causes local Train to derail

A commuter train in Italy derailed Monday after a landslide sent boulders rolling onto the tracks, according to officials.

Tourists return to Venice as Italy welcomes back EU travellers

After an unusually quiet few months, Venice is back to receiving tourists as European countries drop their restrictions on visiting Italy.

New Coronavirus infections in Rome sparks virus panic in Italy

A CLUSTER of new coronavirus infections has emerged in Rome, sparking fears a second wave of the deadly virus is on the way.

Venice comes back to normal Life after lockdown

Venice landmarks reopen slowly in the lagoon city.