Earthquake (3.9R) rockes Florence (Tuscany) in Italy

Florence rocked by 3.7 magnitude earthquake

BREAKING NEWS: Boeing 737 Airplane crashes with 132 people on board

A Boeing 737 carrying 132 people at 30,000ft, burst into flames suffered a catastrophic 'loss of control event'..

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In Ukraine, Daily Life photos in the Face of War

10 Devastating Photos from Ukraine (Before and After)

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Fire breaks out on Greece-Italy Ferry with 288 people on board – 11 missing...

Tug boats sent to help passengers on the Euroferry Olympia, which was headed to Italy

A Third 35% of Rome Hotels ar CLOSED

Italian hotels are on their last legs..

Get Paid to Live in Italy – FREE Home Provided

Move to Sicily, live in a beautifully restored 1 Euro townhouse, and become an Airbnb Host

Traveling to Italy during Covid-19… What you need to Know

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Tsunami Waves crashes into California, USA

Tsunami reaches California coast with high waves, local flooding and dangerous currents..

Welcome to Italy

Italy voted in the Top10 most Friendly and hospitable Places in...

It comes as no surprise that Italy, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world has been included on the list ofย 10 most welcoming places!

Best of Italy

Top 10 List