BREAKING NEWS: Mount Etna in Italy explodes again Tonight – 20/1/2020

Strong eruption of Etna in progress, rivers of lava from the crater (IMAGES)...

Ice Cream tested Positive for coronavirus

Ice cream has been found to have been contaminated with COVID-19 in China after three samples tested positive for the virus.

Heavy Snowfall expected in Rome today – 15/1/2021

Snow warning in place for Lazio region on 15 January.

BREAKING NEWS: Fears of Airplane Crash after Boeing737 missing after Takeoff

Air Flight 182 lost contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities after taking off from Jakarta, according to the country’s rescue agency.

Hospital evacuated in Naples (Italy) after Big Sinkhole opens near

A massive chasm opened up in the Naples hospital car park.

Swimming Tourists damaged a 17-Century Fountain in Rome

Nobody knows the exact date but it is believed the Baroque monument was damaged during the summer.

Hundreds Of Birds Lie Dead in Streets after New Year’s Fireworks

Hundreds of dead birds were found on the streets of Rome, Italy, on Friday, with fears that New Year's Eve fireworks were to blame.

Hundreds of Birds found dead in Italy after Fireworks display

Deaths of birds occurred during Rome fireworks for New Year.

BREAKING NEWS: Strong Earthquake (6.4R) hits Croatia (felt in Italy)

A major earthquake struck Croatia today, 29 December 29, around 12:20 pm. The earthquake was also felt in Italy, from Trieste to Milan and all the way South to Bari.

Pope Francis Instagram appears to ‘Like’ another Model’s Photo

An image circulating on social media appears to show the account has like a picture of Margot Foxx dressed in a tight, black swimsuit.

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Bus Station Opens Its Doors to Stray Dogs so They Have...

The cold weather is not friendly to stray dogs, so it is very important to remember this while enjoying the comfort and warmth of your home. 

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