10 Most Heartbreaking Photos from Ukraine War

Photos show the calamity as Russia invades Ukraine..

Severe Hailstorm hits Rome, Italy tonight, Oct 21! (Video), Many people were Stuck in...

Hail Storm and Rain hited Rome violently causing many inconveniences. Some people were stuck in the car due to road flooding.

Extreme Heatwave in Italy, with 40°C (106F)!

It's about to get even hotter in Italy!

More than 70% of Venice Flooded, VIDEO+PHOTOS

Venice city officials say 70 percent of the lagoon city has been flooded by waters rising 149 centimeters (more than 58 1/2 inches) above sea level.

Bridge COLLAPSES in Italy (Genoa): DOZENS of People have been Killed – 14th August...

A BRIDGE on one of Italy's busiest motorways (near Geonova) has collapsed, killing "dozens" of people who fell 100 metres above the ground.

99% of People can’t Find the C in this Puzzle 😲

An eye test is challenging people across the internet to find a C among a sea of Os, but apparently 99 per cent of people can’t do it in less than 7 seconds.

❤️ Pray for Venice 🙏 Worst Floods ever – Disaster declared

City officials said the tide peaked at 6.14ft at 10.50 pm, just short of the record 6.4ft set in 1966. The city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, declared a state of disaster!

Mount Etna Volcano in Italy explodes again – 21/4/2020

ITALY'S fearsome Mount Etna has burst into life, spewing volcanic debris up to five kilometers into the atmosphere.

BREAKING NEWS: Airplane Boeing 737 Crashes into Sea __ 188 passenger fear Dead

A Lion Air Boeing 737 passenger plane with 188 people on board has crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta

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